Contracting with the Firm
The regulation of the agency contract is the governing law on the relationship between the Firm and the client.

The work fee of the Firm is matter of agreement between the parties, which shall be made with the mutual consent of the parties prior to the sign of the agency contract. The governing law of the attorney agency contract is the Act XI. of 1998 on Attorneys at law and the agency contract regulation of the Hungarian Civil Code.

The MÜK Regulation 8/1999. (III.22.) of Hungarian Bar Associate (Ethic Code) is normative of the work of the attorney at law and fulfillment of the agnecy contract. The Ethic Code could be downloaded form the following link:

Our firm applies hourly-, succes-, and fixed fee depends on the type of issue. The amount of the fee is diverse depends on the type-, complexity- amd urgancy of the case. Generally our firm applies hourly rates in case of legal guidance and litigation issues, succes fee in case of dept collection, and fixed fees in case of corporate registration-, and amendment notification proceedings.

The fee does not contains the duties-, procedural fees,- taxes-, fees of expert or translator and the necessary expenses (eg.: the costs of travelling outside Budapest) which may emerge in connection with the case. The Firm informs the Client about the expenses previously.

In case of lack of distinct agreement of the parties (individula contract) the regulation of the General Terms and Conditions of the Firm shall be applied to the rights and obligations of the parties.