Practice Areas
Corporate and Company Law
Our law firm offers full legal service in all areas of corporate law, e.g.: preparing corporate deeds; liability and obligation assessment of shareholders, advice on legal issues of the members in internal and external corporate matters; on matters of conflict of interest ; on matters of liability and obligation of executives; on liability matters and the mandatory preference of creditors in case of winding-up or bankruptcy procedures ; challenging the decisions of shareholders etc. Generation and modification of corporate securities with Keler Ltd. (Central Depository).

We also assist our clients with setting up businesses (preparing and filing of the necessary documents in the company registry, and other compulsory notification proceedings (amendment of the company data, transformation, transfer of business shares); advise on company law procedures such as representation in judicial oversight proceedings in order to avoid detrimental consequences (mandatory dissolution, penalties etc.) and; assist in voluntary dissolution proceedings.
Commercial law
We prepare and advise on sale-, service-, manufacture- and production contracts including several professional service contract types (e.g. construction, installation, design, research, travel, etc. contracts), agency contracts (consignment, agent contracts, advertisement, marketing contracts, operation, maintenance contracts, accountancy contracts etc.), supply contracts (order and transport of products, sale and purchase contracts), deposit, carriage, freight forwarding contracts, lease, leasehold, financial leasing and loan and credit contracts. We also assist our clients with the preparation of a general terms and conditions, framework agreements in connection with the above described areas of expertise as well as E-contracting and IT law issues.
Telecommunication and E-Commerce
Representation of national and international service providers in notification and registration procedures with the National Media and Infocommunication Authority. Participation in the operative administration of the service providers, drafting and review international interconnection- and inland network contracts and prepare related equipment purchase and twisted wire lease contracts. Compliance with the provisions of Act C of 2003 and the operative regulation of the industry, update of the template documents of service providers, preparing general terms and conditions, compliant unilateral amendment of GTCs. Representation in consumer protection (subscriber complaints) cases before the National Media and Infocommunication Authority and the Authority of Consumer Protection.

Preparing general terms and conditions for the business activates covered by the Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services, assistance with liability issues, preparing of co-location and hosting subscriber contracts.
Labour Law
Drafting and amendment of employment and executive employment contracts focused on the interests of the employer, prepare of warnings, informative, instructions, preparing termination documents and extraordinary termination documents including mutual consent termination agreements. Litigation in labour law cases.
Administrative Law
Businesses and individuals inevitably come across some form of authority. Our Law Firm will assist with filing complex forms, petitions, certificates, furthermore we represent clients in different administrative procedures (environment, construction, costumer protection, tax administrative procedures, real estate registration procedure, industrial and commercial administrative procedures, offence procedure and financial supervisory procedures).
IP, Media and Advertisement Law
Our Law Firm assists with the registration of national, international and community trademarks. As part of this we make sure the mark which ought to be registered is available; we also prepare a research report about the registered trademarks which may be similar or identical with a mark already on the register in respect of the same goods or services, or similar goods or services and inform the client if the trademark is excluded form the protection by the law. Following the research if the trademark is appropriate we will file the application to the competent authority and represent our client during the procedure. Our law firm also represents clients in a number of different procedures (appeal, cessation, renewal).

Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market – our official representative identification number is 52344

We also draft amd review „Software as a service”, licensee, trademark license and franchise contracts and intellectual property license contracts.
Crisis management and voluntary dissolution
Guidance during company voluntary dissolution procedures with tax issues, liability and obligation issues of executives. Examination of the activity of the members and the executives form a criminal law perspective.

Contribution in debt settlement issues, e.g.: in cases where the debt of the company is secured by the member(s) or the executive (surety, lien, and mortgage). If necessary we will contact your creditors, and participate in negotiations.
Debt collection and protection against unfounded claims
Enforcement of claims out-of-court (payment notice, collation by phone, personal negotiation involving the debtor and the client to reach a compromise or agreement) and in court as well. Initiating payment warrant and European payment warrant procedures and complete representation in the proceeding.

Initiating winding-up and bankruptcy procedure, representation in winding-up and bankruptcy procedure until the liquidation of the debtor company or until the end of the procedure. Correspondence with the court appointed liquidator, in case of omission or unlawful conduct by the liquidator filing objection at the court.

Initiating judicial execution proceeding, correspondence with the executor, in case of omission or unlawful conduct by the executor filing objection at the court.

In case of unfounded claims our law firm will examine the claim, and advise whether a valid contract concluded between the parties existed or not, which may be justify a lawful claim. In case the claim proves to be lawful we will examine whether the claimed amount fits the terms and conditions of the contract. If the contract is invalid, or the debtor claims more than the contract entitles him to our Firm at the first hand will send a notice for the debtor with objections in favour of out-of-court settlement of the dispute, in case of payment warrant our Firm will submit a contradiction and represents the client in the lawsuit to follow. Litigation in execution restriction and termination procedures.

Our Firm can support mass administration with appropriate IT backup, if the client has claims toward hundreds or thousands of debtors. The Firm records the data of debtors and the claims, and will send payment notice to the debtors, and in case of non payment, will initiate a payment warrant to be issued or winding-up procedure against the debtor. Our Firm offers complete assistance until the end of the procedure (execution), and provides statistical information about the debt collection process and data.
Real Estate
We will assist clients with preparing and (mandatorily countersigning) sale and purchase, donation, support and life-annuity contracts, filing the sale and purchase contract with the land registry, complete representation in the real estate registration procedure; litigation in joint ownership related cases (termination of co-ownership by court, charge for use demands); legal advise in connection with condominium law for owners and joint representatives, prepare and filling of condominium deeds, bylaws.

Initiating possession protection procedure and representation in the administrative and litigation procedure.

Representation in appendage construction, adverse possession issues.
Damage claims, protection of inherent right and insurance law
Our law firm contributes in indemnification lawsuits to reimburse damages and in some cases non-pecuniary damages (violation of the right to a name, defamation, press rectification, misuse of the likeness or recorded voice, violation of secret, copyright law).

In connection with insurance law enforcement of claims against insurance companies based on liability and property insurance contracts.
Matrimonial assets
Our Firm primarily contributes to reach mutually beneficial settlement in disputes in connection with matrimonial assets (partake of co-ownership of immovable property and moveable assets, partake of co-owned company assets). Prepare of prenuptial agreements. In case of lack of consensus between the parties representation of the client in the partaking procedure.
Penal law
Based on the extensive experiences of the Firm in business law the Law Firm contributes as a counsel for the defence in penal procedures in connection with companies representing executives and other people.

Representation of the plaintiff in penal procedures, enforcement of reimburse damages non-pecuniary damages in the penal procedure.