For businesses

As the main profile, our firm provides complex legal service for businesses, legal guidance in connection with the day-to-day operation of companies, drafting and reviewing contracts and contract amendments, contribution in administrative processes, legal support for clients at business negotiations or based on the mandate and the instructions of the client. We will represent businsses at business negotiations or in court.

Our firm will asses legal risks fast and effective while businesses are doing business so that stakeholders can always make the right choices and decisions so that our client are not exposed to unnecessary risks and can operate cost effective .

Our Firm represents Clients in and out of court procedures, arbitration and administrative procedures, prepares and files the necessary petitions and other documents to the competent court or authority and represents the client at trials. If it is needed we will participate at members’ meetings of businesses and provides legal support on the spot. Based on the resolutions of the members meeting we will prepare and file the documents that need to be filed with the court of registration.
For individuals

The law firm represents individual Clients in the general law matters (such as property, labour, heritage law etc. related) in litigious and non-litigious procedures.

The firm also works for the benefit of the clients as defendant in penal cases primarily in connection with the acts of the executives of businesses.